Gift Certificates


  1. Contact Nick at or 603.726.8088.
  2. Choose a gift certificate for a specific camp or purchase a monetary amount to be credited toward any camp.
  3. Choose how you would would like to receive the full-color gift certificate. If your gift is time sensitive you may request an instant gift certificate by email (printable PDF document) or we can mail you or the athlete a printed full-color certificate.
  4. Mail paper check payment to our offices at PO Box 553 Campton, NH 03223. Please make checks payable to ‘Freestyle America’ and please be sure to note the athlete‚Äôs name and camp, if already chosen.


  1. If you wish to purchase a certificate for a specific camp, a speedy inquiry to our office or a check of our website will inform you if that camp is available.
  2. NOTE: Several of our camps will fill by May 1. However, several camp opportunities will remain available even into the summer. Therefore please check our website or contact the office should you be requesting specific dates.
  3. If you wish guidance as to the appropriateness of a specific camp for your giftee, please contact our office for guidance. Camp Directors Nick or Suzi Preston will be happy to assist you.
  4. If you are offering a cash credit toward a camp, please have the giftee contact us soon upon receiving your gift to secure their place in our camps. All athletes must complete our registration packet in order to get on our camp roster.
  5. To redeem the gift certificate please have your athlete contact our office or simply reference the gift when registering for camp. All athletes will be required to complete our usual registration packet prior to attending camp. Finalized schedules and registration packets will be posted the end of February each year for the following summer.
  6. All camp gift certificates are honored with no expiration.

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