Why am I required to bring skis to Trampoline Camp?

In years passed it has been optional for athletes to bring skis to Trampoline Camp for training on our rail facility.   Trampoline Camps are now named Trampoline & BagJump Camps because in addition to our trampoline training facility, athletes will also train on the WVBBTS Phil’s Hill BagJump Training Center. Check out this dry slope airbag facility online at

These outstanding training venues are essential elements for advanced athletes to train ski and snowboard acrobatics.  In addition to our rail facility,  younger athletes will also have the opportunity to try out and train at the BagJump .

Skis are still optional for Youth Trampoline Day Camp. YTDC athletes will be focusing on trampoline acrobatic training with the option of using the on-site rail facility and will not be training at the BagJump Ramp.

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