Which camp is best for me or for my child?

Consider the mission and age appropriateness of each format. Suggested ages are listed on each camp specific page found in the right hand column of the homepage.

Trampoline camp is for all ages and abilities. This format provides the best environment to learn the acrobatic skills of freestyle and freeskiing. This is where athletes learn how to create twists, flips, and off-axis maneuvers with true aerial skill. Younger and less experienced athletes should attend Trampoline Camp. Ages as young as 7 may participate. Our camps are organized by age and we suggest checking out the Trampoline Camp Page for the latest session schedule and age suggestions.

Ramp camps offer the ideal environment to learn twists, flips, and new school maneuvers with skis on, ultimately leading to USSA maneuver qualification for winter competition. The minimum age requirement is 10 years old, or 12 for overnight athletes if our camps are housed at the US Olympic Training Center (OTC). Experienced competitors consider Ramp Camp an essential training tool.

Trampoline & BagJump Camp athletes will have an opportunity to incorporate ramp training into their week in New Hampshire at the nearby WVBBTS Phil’s Hill BagJump Training Center located in nearby Waterville Valley. Check out this dry slope airbag facility online at

Our Whistler Summer Snow Freestyle programs offer snow training environments and competition specific coaching for experienced competitive mogul and freeskiing athletes. Highly dedicated competitors consider summer snow training critical to meeting their competitive goals. The best age to begin summer snow training (far from home) is 12. Younger athletes are welcome as day athletes.

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