What supervision occurs at camp?

Apart from many camps, Freestyle America has a reputation for being well organized and closely supervised. Nick and Susan Preston are program directors and lodging owners with 29 years of experience as camp operators. Nick directs the training activities, while Suzi manages the living environment for Trampoline Camp and Whistler, and includes the athletes in kitchen and household duties and creating a secure and participatory environment. All camps number between a manageable 15 and 35 participants and include 6-8 staff. All athletes are housed in the same facilities among the coaching staff and the directors. Athletes have a strict curfew. Our older athletes follow a sign out/in policy, when venturing into the towns of Lake Placid or Whistler for movies or other approved activities. A ratio of 1 coach per 5 athletes assures attention to each camper, whether training or enjoying other sports, social, or extra-curricular activities.

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