What should I bring to camp?

Each camp format (trampoline, water ramp, summer snow glacier training) has a specific ‘What to Bring List’ noted on the back of your confirmation letter.  The ‘What to Bring List’ is also available on each relevant web page.  The camp specific webpages are easily accessed from  our home page on the right hand column.  Note that the lists can vary greatly from camp to camp so be sure that you are on the right page!

Here is a quick reminder list for each camp format:

  • Whistler Blackcomb participants need a passport. We suggest always checking the latest TSA flight requirements before booking travel.
  • For Ramp Camp equipment, bring 2 mouth guards, life-vest, wet suit, old skis, and your ski boots. We can provide ramp skis for a $10/day rental, if you have none of your own. Life vests and wetsuits may be purchased at box store outlets for modest prices, or are best borrowed from a friend. We don’t have an inventory of either for campers to use.
  • For Trampoline & BagJump Camp, skis, helmets, boots, and poles are required. We suggest renting locally at Ski Fanatics, phone: 603 726-2743.
  • ‘What-Not-to-Bring’ includes long boards, skate boards, motorized toys, unicycles, paint ball, water guns or any toys. Most are strictly forbidden at all our camp lodging environments. Plus, camp is a focused environment and distractions can be dangerous.
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