Frequently Asked Questions

Which camp is best for me or for my child?

Freestyle America camps are offered in 3 formats, each with their own purposes and training objectives.

Tramp and Bag Jump programs in Campton, NH
Tramp and Bag Jump programs are designed to teach the essential skills and acrobatic fundamentals of freestyle and free skiing aerials.

These camps are designed for all ages 7-17. The program focuses on acrobatic skill development in the tumbling and trampoline environment. Therefore, consider the Tramp and Bag Jump camps the base line for learning freestyle aerials correctly. Athletes who engage a program of overall acrobatics, simply put, become better and safer freestyle and slopestyle aerialists.

The second important part of the FSA curriculum is air bag jumping at the Waterville Valley Academy Bag Jump Facility, where acrobatics move into the freestyle jumping coaching program.

Athletes can differentiate the Tramp Camp experience from the Lake Placid Water Ramp Camps as follows: The Tramp and Bag Jump Camps are for “learning” ski acrobatics correctly. The Ramp camps are for “practicing” freestyle airs, in a more jump repetitive format.

The Mountain Fare Inn campus provides superb accommodations, meals, and plenty of fun, friendship, and extra curricular camp activities.

Lake Placid Water Ramp Camp, Lake Placid, NY
programs offer abundant practice on airs that are targeted for use in winter competition. Ramp Camps serve athletes best who have learned base line aerial fundamentals, such as those taught at Tramp and Bag Jump camp.

Whistler‘s program is designed for competitive athletes, who need the benefits of on-snow training in between winter seasons, and who look to improve their technical skiing, aerial techniques, competitive mogul skiing, and slope style competition runs.

Ideally, an athlete starts with acrobatics early in their freestyle training career. That said, all formats have value to all levels of ability and ages. Therefore, all camps remain open to all ages and abilities.

You may always call the Freestyle America Office (603) 726-8088 to discuss camps.

Do all skill and experience levels of participant fit into all the camps?

Yes, the athlete participants at all camps have a skill range that includes novices through elite competitors. Skiing and acrobatics are individual sports activities. Our coaches will identify each athletes appropriate skill level and engage them accordingly at the ramps, on trampoline, on snow, or in all sports and conditioning environments to their individual skill level.

Are age requirements flexible?

Yes, somewhat. Please note the suggested ages on all camp specific pages. However, all Ramp Camps that lodge at the US Olympic Training Center (OTC) have a minimum age of 12 years old to stay overnight, day athletes can be as young as 10. Please call us if you have age related questions.

What supervision occurs at camp?

Apart from many camps, Freestyle America has a reputation for being well organized and closely supervised. Nick and Susan Preston are program directors and lodging owners with 29 years of experience as camp operators. Nick directs the training activities, while Suzi manages the living environment for Trampoline Camp and Whistler, and includes the athletes in kitchen and household duties and creating a secure and participatory environment. All camps number between a manageable 15 and 35 participants and include 6-8 staff. All athletes are housed in the same facilities among the coaching staff and the directors. Athletes have a strict curfew. Our older athletes follow a sign out/in policy, when venturing into the towns of Lake Placid or Whistler for movies or other approved activities. A ratio of 1 coach per 5 athletes assures attention to each camper, whether training or enjoying other sports, social, or extra-curricular activities.

How do I register for a camp?

Here is a quick checklist for you to use to make sure you have submitted all the information you will need to attend camp. Please note, that some camps may require additional paperwork.

Fill out the Freestyle America Enrollment Form and Waiver completely making sure to indicate which camps you are planning to attend.

  • Please fill out one form per athlete.
  • Complete ALL required forms. Please check your specific camp page for required forms.
  • Mail the forms, copy of health insurance card, and payment back to us.

In order to guarantee your spot at camp, you must pay in full or contact our office directly.

  • All fees must be paid in US Currency via money order or check. See Refund and Cancellation Policy below.
  • Checks should be made out to ‘Freestyle America’.
  • All fees must be paid in US Currency via money order or check.

What is USSA, and when is membership required?

The United States Ski and Snowboard Association is the governing body for the sport of Freestyle Skiing, Alpine Racing, Snowboarding, Cross-Country, Nordic Jumping and Disabled Skiing for Olympic, international and domestic competition. The USSA sanctions hundreds of snowsports competitions, as well as hundreds ski clubs, across the country. These clubs are the foundation of winter training programs and ski academies across the country. Freestyle America is a USSA member ski club. It is through this sanction that Freestyle America camps enjoy programs at the Blackcomb/Whistler ski area, and at the US Olympic Training Center and the Olympic Jumping Complex in Lake Placid. The United States Ski and Snowboard Association is the governing body for competition in the United States as recognized by the FIS and IOC.

We encourage all athletes to join USSA and participate in Competition Programs. As of July 1st, 2013 USSA Membership is no longer prerequisite to participate in our programs.

Please take careful note of the dates of your camp. Membership expires annually on June 30th. If any portion of your camp occurs on or before June 30th your athlete will need to have a current 2012-2013 membership. In early May, 2013-2014 memberships are available online at USSA and result in IMMEDIATE memberships. If you do not have a 2012-2013 membership before May 1st, you must contact the USSA Membership Services Department directly at 435.649.9090. No need to send us a copy of your card.

Can Snowboarders or other non-freestyle skiing athletes attend camp?

Trampoline Camp is well suited to serve all young athletes interested in learning acrobatic skills, whether for sport or for fun. Trampoline Camp is open to all young athletes.

Whistler/Blackcomb and the Ramp Camps in Lake Placid are freestyle ski sport specific.

What should I bring to camp?

Each camp format (trampoline, water ramp, summer snow glacier training) has a specific ‘What to Bring List’ noted on the back of your confirmation letter. The ‘What to Bring List’ is also available on each relevant web page. The camp specific webpages are easily accessed from our home page on the right hand column. Note that the lists can vary greatly from camp to camp so be sure that you are on the right page!

Here is a quick reminder list for each camp format:

Whistler Blackcomb participants need a passport. We suggest always checking the latest TSA flight requirements before booking travel.

For Ramp Camp equipment, bring 2 mouth guards, life-vest, wet suit, old skis, and your ski boots. We can provide ramp skis for a $10/day rental, if you have none of your own. Life vests and wetsuits may be purchased at box store outlets for modest prices, or are best borrowed from a friend. We don’t have an inventory of either for campers to use.

For Trampoline & BagJump Camp, skis, helmets, boots, and poles are required. We suggest renting locally at Ski Fanatics, phone: 603 726-2743.

‘What-Not-to-Bring’ includes long boards, skate boards, motorized toys, unicycles, paint ball, water guns or any toys. Most are strictly forbidden at all our camp lodging environments. Plus, camp is a focused environment and distractions can be dangerous.

Why am I required to bring skis to Trampoline Camp?

In years passed it has been optional for athletes to bring skis to Trampoline Camp for training on our rail facility. Trampoline Camps are now named Trampoline & BagJump Camps because in addition to our trampoline training facility, athletes will also train on the WVBBTS Phil’s Hill BagJump Training Center. Check out this dry slope airbag facility online at

These outstanding training venues are essential elements for advanced athletes to train ski and snowboard acrobatics. In addition to our rail facility, younger athletes will also have the opportunity to try out and train at the BagJump.

Skis are still optional for Youth Trampoline Day Camp. YTDC athletes will be focusing on trampoline acrobatic training with the option of using the on-site rail facility and will not be training at the BagJump Ramp.

Can I choose my own roommate?

We do our best to meet all of our athletes request. Please indicate on your enrollment form, if you have a roommate preference. Your requested roommate should do likewise.

What day and time do I arrive and depart each camp?

All arrival days and times for Trampoline and Ramp Camps are between 4 and 6 PM on the 1st date listed on our schedule. Some have mistakenly arrived on the day before.

Departure dates are the last date listed, but are also a training day. Departure for Trampoline Camps are at 12:00 noon. Departure for Ramp Camp is at 3 PM at the Ramp facility, known as the Olympic Jumping Complex.

Are day students invited as campers?

Yes, local athletes may attend any camp as a day student. Plus, the locations for all our camps, including Whistler BC, the Adirondacks, NH’s Lakes Region, and the White Mountains, are well visited destinations for family vacations.
How do I arrange travel for Whistler?

For Whistler, it works best to coordinate travel arrivals and departures from Vancouver Airport at the same time, or on the same itinerary, as the camp group. Our transport to and from Whistler and Vancouver Airport is designed to accommodate everyone. If you are planning to join the camp itinerary from Logan in Boston, or joining us at our hub to Vancouver, you must coordinate through the camp’s travel service, Winter Park Travel 800 325-2748. Please contact us directly by email or telephone also. Remember: Passports are required!

What is your Trampoline & Bag Jump Camp and Ramp Camp Cancellation Policy?

For all camps, enrollments are welcome up until the first day of camp, if space is available. Cancellations PRIOR to 7 days before arrival will receive a refund less $100 handling fee. Cancellations WITHIN 7 days of arrival will not receive a refund.

What is your Whistler Cancellation Policy?

Until June 1st you can cancel less a $100 handling fee. After that all camp fees are non-refundable.

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