Trampoline Camp
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Trampoline & Bag Jump Training Weekends*, $440 ($340 day rate)
Seven Day (Sunday-Saturday) Summer Trampoline & Bag Jump Camp, $1330 ($930 day rate)
Six Day (Sunday-Friday) Summer Trampoline & Bag Jump Camp, $1100 ($750 day rate)
Youth Day Camp*, $570 (no lodging)

*Note, a limited number of rooms are available at the Mountain Fare Inn for parents and/or day campers during our weekend trampoline & bag jump sessions and our youth trampoline camp.

Upcoming Camps

*Please check specific camps for age requirements.

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Coaching Programs

Acrobatic skills and training are essential to your athlete’s freestyle success. During trampoline camp, our coaches’ primary goal is to instill a strong fundamental base  in all our athletes and helping them safely execute aerial maneuvers on the trampoline. At Freestyle America, we teach athletes these skills by using the Ross program, developed by Dave Ross, a world-renowned Canadian trampoline coach. On the Freestyle America campus, you will find 6 different trampoline stations, including 3 in-ground Ross competition trampolines and 1 in-ground Fly bed. Our campus also features a straight-over spotting system and a state-of-the-art indoor  bungee system. Campers will also be encouraged to bring their skis and boots, so they can work on their freeride skiing on our Rail Deck. Through this program, we systematically teach young athletes individual trampoline skills that help them become more confident in the air. Skill work is based on progression through  different levels of difficulty. This allows athletes to work up to those big aerial maneuvers, while minimizing risk. Our week long tramp camp incorporates many different activities to help motivate and train your young athlete. During camp, they will participate in the following programs, which will help them become a well-rounded freestyle skier:

  • Strength and Conditioning: Morning stretch, fitness testing, mile run
  • Acrobatic Skills: Basic tumbling, 4 periods of trampoline training daily
  • Competitive Potential: Huckfest, Rail Jam, Big Air Contest, and traditional trampoline routine competition

Our coaches focus on coaching each child individually and working with them at their own skill level. Campers will be given plenty of one-on-one coaching time, so they get feedback specific to their own abilities.


The Freestyle America Campus at the Mountain Fare Inn features the following facilities:

  • Indoor trampoline with complete overhead spotting equipment and bungee system
  • 4 in-ground trampolines with surrounding custom pads
  • Mini-trampoline and crash pads
  • Tilt tramp with a 20 x 20 foot air bag landing
  • Grind rail deck with a 20 foot box and a 24 foot “flat-down-flat” rail surrounded by a specialized skiing surface
  • Soccer field

The Trampoline Camps will feature WVBBTS Phil’s Hill BagJump Training Center. Located just 15 minutes from our main campus, this outstanding training venue is an essential element for advanced athletes to train ski and snowboard acrobatics.  Younger athletes will also have the opportunity to try out and train on at the BagJump. Check out this dry slope airbag facility online.

Sample Schedule

  • 7:30am: Wake-up
  • 7:45am: Morning Stretch / Exercise
  • 8:30am: Breakfast / Clean-up
  • 9:00am: Day Student Arrival
  • 9:15am: Morning Assembly
  • 9:30am: Basic Tumbling
  • 10:15am: AM Training Sessions
  • 12:30pm: Lunch / Quiet period
  • 1:30pm: PM Training Sessions
  • 4:00pm: Afternoon activity (see list below)
  • 5:30pm: Day Student departure
  • 6:00pm: Dinner
  • 7:00pm: Evening Activity (see list below)
  • 9:45pm: Quiet and Lights out

Sports & Activities

Afternoon Activities: Swimming at the Eddy, Swimming / Mini-tramp at Big Rock, Soccer, Mat Ball (a freestyle inspired version of kick ball), or Capture the Flag

Evening Activities: Game night at Fun Spot, Movies at the theater, Capture the Flag, Rail Jam and roasting marshmallows at the camp fire, Huckfest, and much more!

Special Activity Days Thursdays: Campers are treated to a half-day on Squam Lake! During either the morning or afternoon session of camp, athletes and coaches take a pontoon boat ride across Squam Lake to Rattlesnake Cove. Here they can swim, soak up the sun, rest and relax!

Saturday: On the final day of camp, parents and siblings are invited to our Family Day. Families should arrive by 10:30am. Parents will be introduced to our coaches and treated to a trampoline demonstration by our very talented staff. Afterwards, families can walk around the campus and watch their own athlete demonstrate the skills they worked so hard on all week. Finally, camp will wrap up around Noon with a few athlete acknowledgements and the much-awaited camp goodie bag and t-shirt!